Friday, December 21, 2012

Condensing Gas Furnaces


Condensing Gas Furnaces


Condensing gas furnaces are the highest efficiency furnaces presently on the market. If you are building a new home or replacing the old furnace in your present house these high efficiency natural gas furnaces are your wisest choice. They are simply the best  furnace to use in all homes with natural gas heating.

The reason for choosing a condensing gas furnace is mainly because of  the extremely high AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilisation Efficiency) which runs  from 90 to as much as 97 percent (in some cases a little higher). Old furnaces made in past decades will be found to have AFUEs of 60 percent or even less and medium efficiency  gas furnaces made at present have AFUEs of 78 to 84 percent.

It is easy to see that a high efficiency natural gas furnace will consume as much as 20% less fuel in normal operation. This results in a substantial saving in fuel costs which over a relatively short period of time will pay for the somewhat higher initial price of the more efficient furnace. On average a medium efficiency gas furnace costs about $1000 less than a high efficiency model.

Modern condensing gas furnaces use, approximately 33 to 40 percent less fuel than old furnaces and 10 to 20 percent less than medium efficiency units made at present. This not only reduces fuel bills substantially but as a bonus also cuts down drastically on  toxic environmental emissions which are thought to be at least partially responsible for environmental pollution and climate change.

The somewhat higher cost of purchasing a new condensing gas furnace will easily be recovered, in a relatively short period of time, through fuel savings.The savings will then go directly into the pocket of the consumer throughout the life of the appliance. An average homeowner with an old model furnace might save $300 a year, or even more, by installing a 97% efficiency condensing gas furnace.

Condensing gas furnaces are made in a variety of sizes to suit any type of home. They new furnace can usually be placed in the same spot as the old furnace it is replacing, and will typically use the same heat  duct-work. All furnaces must of course be installed by licensed gas installation technicians. It is very unwise to have an unlicensed do it your-selfer install your furnace. In many places it is illegal to do so, and could also result in your insurance company refusing to pay claims if there is a fire. For more information about condensing gas furnaces click here


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Continue To Climb

                                               File:CO2 responsibility 1950-2000.svg

It is essential for all countries to reduce their greenhouse gas production in order to prevent the disastrous effects of global warming and climate change. Unfortunately greenhouse gas emissions continue their upward climb annually and agreements such as the Kyoto Protocol have had little effect on this continuing increase. Use of high efficiency gas furnaces and elimination of coal burning power plants would greatly reduce greenhouse gas production. Here are figures for the top greenhouse gas emitters as listed by Wikipedia: 

List of countries by 2010 emissions estimates

CDIAC released preliminary 2010 estimates for a limited number of countries. Following table is listing annual CO2 emissions estimates (in thousands of CO2 metric tonnes) from these estimates for top emitting countries.
Country CO2 emissions[14] Area (in km2) Population Emission / km2 Emission / Person
 World 33,508,901 148,940,000 6,852,472,823 2,250 49
 China 8,240,958 9,640,821 1,339,724,852 8,548 62
 United States 5,492,170 9,826,675 312,793,000 5,589 176
 India  2,069,738 3,287,263 1,210,193,422 6,296 17
 Russia   1,688,688 17,075,400 142,946,800 989 118
 Japan   1,138,432 377,944 128,056,026 30,122 89
 Germany    762,543 357,021 81,799,600 21,358 93
 Iran 574,667 1,648,195 75,330,000 3,487 76
 South Korea 563,126 100,210 48,875,000 56,195 115
 Canada 518,475 9,984,670 34,685,000 519 149
 Saudi Arabia 493,726 2,149,690 27,136,977 2,297 182
 United Kingdom 493,158 243,610 62,262,000 20,244 79
 Indonesia 476,557 1,919,440 237,424,363 2,483 20
 Mexico 466,131 1,972,550 112,322,757 2,363 41
 South Africa 451,839 1,221,037 50,586,757 3,700 89
 Brazil 419 537 8,514,877 190,732,694 493 22
 Italy 407 924 301,338 60,681,514 13,537 67
 Australia 365 513 7,617,930 22,794,166 480 160
 France 362 556 674,843 65,821,885 5,372 55
 Poland 309 985 312,685 38,186,860 9,914 81

 The above list is reproduced from Wikipedia

The major offenders are China and The USA which between them produce more than two thirds of the world greenhouse gas emissions.Unfortunately neither of these countries has entered into any agreement to reduce such emissions. Until China and the USA are prepared to reduce significantly their production of greenhouse gases any efforts by other nations will have very limited effect.
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