Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Need A New Furnace--What Type Should I Buy?

If your present furnace is getting pretty long in the tooth, and has been giving you some problems it is definitely time to get a new one. The big question you are faced with is what type and make of of furnace you should buy. Is a mid efficiency furnace good enough? It costs about $1000 less than a high efficiency model and that is quite a bit of cash to pay out if you don't really need the higher efficiency model. Will the higher cost be worthwhile and will it save much on your fuel bill?.

Just take a look at the details. Mid efficiency furnaces convert 80 to 82% of the fuel burnt into heat to warm your home. High efficiency furnaces convert 90% to 97% of the gas they burn into effective heat to warm your house. The remaining 3% to 10% of the fuel is wasted and the heat goes out through the furnace flue or exhaust.

It is very obvious that high efficiency furnaces will save a fairly large amount on your fuel bill and this is even more true in areas with colder climates, where more fuel is going to be used to keep the home warm. There is no doubt that finding new supplies of natural gas will cost more in the future and because of this natural gas prices will rise substantially. The savings in fuel costs will be even bigger at these higher prices.As a result there is no question that high efficiency furnaces is are the best buy even with the higher purchase price. Gas furnace prices.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Goodman High Efficiency Gas Furnaces


Goodman is one of the best known names in the gas furnace manufacturing business. The Goodman high efficiency gas furnace is a quality unit which has proven itself over the years.

The Goodman gas furnace has two stage heating, and is equipped with a variable speed circulating blower  which is very efficient and  ensures economical heating for your house. This blower operates continuously to deliver even heating throughout the home. The continuous flow of warm air cuts down on temperature swings and stratification of heat from  the ceiling to floor. While standard  furnaces operate either in a full  on speed or  completely off mode the Goodman high efficiency furnace runs continuously at low heat range for 90% of the time. In colder weather it automatically runs at a higher heat range to keep the temperature even.

The Goodman variable speed blower will keep the temperature even throughout your whole house.  It also has a very efficient electric motor which greatly cuts down on running noise. Some people find the noise made by standard  electric furnace motors to be quite annoying. This low noise level is an important feature of the Goodman high efficiency gas furnace. The variable speed circulating blower which runs at low range for 90% of  operating the time ensures that there is much less noise from the furnace.
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why Buy A High Efficiency Gas Furnace?

Why should I buy a high efficiency gas furnace you ask? a medium efficency furnace costs a bout $1000 less and surely it will heat my house just as well will it not?

Well yes and no. A medium efficiency furnace will heat your house but it will not provide the even comfortable heat that a high efficiency furnace does.

It will also cost you considerably more on your monthly heating bill if you have a medium efficiency furnace. A high efficency furnace turns 90% to 97% of the gas burnt,into heat for the home.A medium efficiency furnace converts only up to 78% to 85% of the gas into heat. That difference of 12% means that you will use that much more gas every month and your bill will be that much higher.

The price of natural gas is likely to go up in future years so the saving will be even bigger as the price rises. Obviously it will not take long to pay ythe extra cost of the high efficiency furnace. After it is paid for the savings are all straight into your bank account and will amount to thousands of dollars over the course of the years.

The logical decision is to pay a bit more for a high efficiency furnace now and reap the savings rewards in the future.\

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