Sunday, November 28, 2010

A High Efficiency Furnace Will Save Money For You

If you have an old furnace which is oil fuelled and requires replacement you will have to decide whether to purchase a new oil furnace or to move over to natural gas. The lowest cost fuel is at present natural gas. Oil ios second, and propane and electricity are the highest cost fuels. These costs can vary however. The world prices for oil or natural gas change very rapidly depending on demand, and using natural gas for heating costs may not always the lowest cost.

Predicting where oil and gas prices will go in the future is hard to do. The best way to go is to determine which type of fuels costs least in your area and go with that selection. Natural gas still is the lowest cost in nearly all cases, and when using the latest high efficiency furnaces this is all the more true. Gas furnaces with the highest efficiency ratings convert 92% to 97% of the fuel burnt, into usable heat. This means that 92% to 97% of the gas burnt in the furnace goes directly to heat your home.

Most older furnaces have efficienciy ratings of only 50% to 70% meaning that they use a lot more fuel, than a new high efficiency furnace does, to produce the same heat.

It is quite obvious that a lot of money can be saved by purchasing a good high efficiency natural gas furnace. Obviously the furnace will pay for itself, in saved fuel costs, within a few years. After that payout all the money you save goes right into your wallet.

The colder the climate the more fuel you will have to burn and the bigger the resultant savings. A high efficiency gas furnace will consume about 50% less fuel per annum, which can put plenty of saved dollars in your pocket instead of into the gas or oil companys pocket. You will be emitting a lot less greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and helping to minimise the climate change--a big problem which affects all of us.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Medium Efficiency Or High Efficiency Gas Furnace--Which Should I Buy

So you need a new furnace and you are trying to decide on whether to get a mid efficiency model or to pay more for a high efficiency gas furnace. Is the extra cost really worthwhile and will it save you a worthwhile amount on your fuel bill?.

The answer to this is to be found in the specifications. A mid efficiency furnace converts from 80 to 82% of the fuel it burns into usable heat for your home. A high efficiency furnace converts from 90% to 97% of the gas burnt into effective heat for your house. The remaining 3% to 10% is wasted and escapes through the flue or exhaust system.

Clearly the high efficiency furnace can save a lot more on the fuel bill and this is particularly the case in colder climates, where more fuel is used. It is likely that finding new gas resources will cost more in years ahead and gas prices can be expected to rise. This makes the saving even bigger. There is no doubt that a high efficiency furnace is by far the best buy even if it does cost more to purchase.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mobile Home Furnace Operation

Furnaces are designed to be operated by people who know nothing about their mechanics. When you want heat you simply turn the thermostat up to a higher temperature. This sends a message to the furnace and the gas valve opens. Gas flows through an orifice into the combustion chamber of the furnace where the pilot light ignites it. The temperature in the combustion chamber increases and at a certain point it turns on the fan to distribute hot air into the home. The fan will take a little time to come on after you turn up the thermostat of course.

In the case of later manufactured homes the thermostat will  be digital and in older homes it is turned up by pushing a lever clockwise to the desired temperature. For safety reasons the thermostat operates on a 24 volt circuit from the furnace rather than on the standard 120 volts. After some time the home heats to the desired temperature and the thermostat closes the gas valve on the furnace. The gas used may be either natural gas or propane.These require different types of orifice. Installation of the wrong orifice is dangerous and this work should be done only by a professional repair person. For more information about mobile home furnaces see our website Mobile Home Furnaces    For information about  high efficiency furnaces check this out High Efficiency Furnaces. For information about gettting a new furnace try this Gas Furnace Prices

Sunday, April 4, 2010

High Efficiency Furnaces--Heat Your Home Better And Save Money

Installing a high efficiency furnace in your home or in a mobile home can be fairly costly. The very large saving in cost of fuel offsets this rather quickly however and will pay for the furnace within just a few years. After that the savings remain right in your pocket. If you live in a cold climate the savings will be at their highest since you will use a lot less fuel. Even in quite moderate climates however the 30% fuel saving afforded by a high efficiency furnace will pay for the cost of installation in quite a short time. Modern high efficiency furnaces convert  90% to 97%  of the fuel they burn into usable heat in your home or mobile home.They use 30% less fuel than the older furnaces of a few years ago.

If you are now at the decison point in installing a newfurnace you can choose from mid efficiency models which turn 80% to 82% of fuel burnt, into heat, and high efficiency furnaces which have 90% to 97% efficiency ratings. Obviously the high efficiency furnace, although more costly to install, will give a much greater saving of money in the long run. A wise choice is the high efficiency furnace which is not only a money saver but also cuts down greatly on greenhouse gas emissions which cause climate change.
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