Sunday, April 4, 2010

High Efficiency Furnaces--Heat Your Home Better And Save Money

Installing a high efficiency furnace in your home or in a mobile home can be fairly costly. The very large saving in cost of fuel offsets this rather quickly however and will pay for the furnace within just a few years. After that the savings remain right in your pocket. If you live in a cold climate the savings will be at their highest since you will use a lot less fuel. Even in quite moderate climates however the 30% fuel saving afforded by a high efficiency furnace will pay for the cost of installation in quite a short time. Modern high efficiency furnaces convert  90% to 97%  of the fuel they burn into usable heat in your home or mobile home.They use 30% less fuel than the older furnaces of a few years ago.

If you are now at the decison point in installing a newfurnace you can choose from mid efficiency models which turn 80% to 82% of fuel burnt, into heat, and high efficiency furnaces which have 90% to 97% efficiency ratings. Obviously the high efficiency furnace, although more costly to install, will give a much greater saving of money in the long run. A wise choice is the high efficiency furnace which is not only a money saver but also cuts down greatly on greenhouse gas emissions which cause climate change.
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