Thursday, November 4, 2010

Medium Efficiency Or High Efficiency Gas Furnace--Which Should I Buy

So you need a new furnace and you are trying to decide on whether to get a mid efficiency model or to pay more for a high efficiency gas furnace. Is the extra cost really worthwhile and will it save you a worthwhile amount on your fuel bill?.

The answer to this is to be found in the specifications. A mid efficiency furnace converts from 80 to 82% of the fuel it burns into usable heat for your home. A high efficiency furnace converts from 90% to 97% of the gas burnt into effective heat for your house. The remaining 3% to 10% is wasted and escapes through the flue or exhaust system.

Clearly the high efficiency furnace can save a lot more on the fuel bill and this is particularly the case in colder climates, where more fuel is used. It is likely that finding new gas resources will cost more in years ahead and gas prices can be expected to rise. This makes the saving even bigger. There is no doubt that a high efficiency furnace is by far the best buy even if it does cost more to purchase.

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