Monday, March 28, 2011

Trouble Shooting High Efficiency Gas Furnaces Troubleshooting

Modern high efficiency gas furnaces may burn up to 30% less natural gas than earlier lower efficiency furnaces do.This can mean a very considerable saving in your monthly gas bill. If you have made the decision to buy a new furnace it is certainly a good idea to choose a high efficiency model since the price of natural gas is very likely to rise in future years. As we build more and more gas powered electricity generating stations every year the consumption figures for gas are rising steeply. The world reserves of natural gas are not unlimited in extent and as we continue to use more gas every year it is definitely to be expected that natural gas prices will rise considerably in the years ahead. High efficiency furnaces can save big dollars for consumers and your monthly gas bill will be much less so that over a number of years the savings will undoubtedly amount to thousands of dollars.

We must drill ever deeper wells to discover new gas supplies so the cost of developing this new gas supply increases dramatically with the depth of the wells. This cost will always of course be passed on to gas consumers and this means that a high efficiency furnace is all the more necessary and will beyond a doubt save thousands of dollars in costs over a period of years.

The installation of a high efficiency furnaces will cost several thousand dollars so it is necessary to consider carefully what will be the best type of furnace for your home and to pick the best contractor to install your furnace. Be sure to get a firm quote prior to awarding the job to a contractor and if possible get quotes from a number licensed gas installation contractors.

A mid efficiency natural gas fired furnace will convert 80% to82% of the fuel it burns into usable heat for the home. By comparison a high efficiency gas furnace will convert 90% to 97% of the fuel it consumes into heat for your home. It is fairly obvious that the highest efficiency furnace you can obtain will be the best buy and will pay for itself with fuel savings over a few years. The actual time to payout, of the cost, depends of course on just how much gas you use. In cold climates, where a lot of natural gas is used, the payout will be even faster with the savings in fuel costs.

High efficiency furnaces additionally have the advantage of quiet running and also will keep the ambient temperature in your homuse at a more constant level. It is extremely important to get the right size of furnace which is sized for your home. A high efficiency furnace can be of lower BTU output than a mid efficiency furnace or of your old low efficiency furnace and will still do the job properly. If your house has poor insulation you should make sure that this is remedied before installation of your new high efficiency furnace. Poor insulation and/or points where heat can leak from your home need to be located and corrected if at all possible. For a lot of information about buying and installing a high efficiency furnace see high efficiency furnaces


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