Monday, October 17, 2011

Condensing Gas Furnaces Are The Most Efficient


The most energy-efficient furnaces available are condensing gas furnaces. They are the best replacement furnace in all homes which are heated by natural gas. Here's the reason:

Condensing gas furnaces have an AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilisation Efficiency) of from 90 to 97 percent. Old furnaces commonly have AFUEs of 60 percent or even less and standard efficency furnaces have AFUEs of 78 to 84 percent.

Condensing gas furnaces use, about 33 to 40 percent less fuel than old furnaces and 10 percent less than standard efficiency units. This reduces toxic environmental emissions which may be partly responsible for climate change and air pollution.

The higher cost of purchasing a condensing gas furnace will be recovered, over a period of time, through fuel savings. An average homeowner with an old model furnace might save $300 a year or so by installing a 96% efficiency condensing gas furnace.

Condensing gas furnaces are made in all sizes to suit any home. They may be placed in the same location as the old furnace, and can use the same ductwork. All furnaces must be installed by licensed technicians. Read More


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