Sunday, October 16, 2011

Replacing Your Furnace


If you have an older furnace it probably puts out more heat than you really need. Furnaces of 15 to 20 years ago and more, were almost invariably over sized for the home.. A furnace of appropriate capacity will run almost continuously on a really cold winter day.

 If  you have a furnace of the correct size for your home, you will have efficient heating for the whole heating season. An oversized furnace runs for only a short time, and never comes up to its top efficiency level. Sizing is less of an issue with modern condensing gas furnaces of high efficiency design. Because of the way they are designd to operate, condensing gas furnaces are efficient even if they are of too high heating capacity.

How do you  calculate the size for a furnace? The heating contractor will use a standard method of calculating furnace size which is derived from government agencies. Having the sizing calculated will cost you $200 – $300 using a qualified contractor.

The two most common reasons for buying a new furnace are: (1.) Your furnace is not working. It has suffered a mechanical break-down,or the old furnace has been  condemned by gas inspectors. In the winter season, with your home rapidly getting colder, you may have to make a quick decision on what to do. (2.) the furnace is aging, or fuel costs are becoming excessive. In this second case, you have plenty of time to shop for and get the best available furnace to suit your home. Read mor

Outdoor wood furnace is another possible replacement for your oil or gas furnace. Modern wood furnaces are highly efficient and save money for more information Outdoor Wood Furnace

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