Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why Buy A High Efficiency Gas Furnace?

Why should I buy a high efficiency gas furnace you ask? a medium efficency furnace costs a bout $1000 less and surely it will heat my house just as well will it not?

Well yes and no. A medium efficiency furnace will heat your house but it will not provide the even comfortable heat that a high efficiency furnace does.

It will also cost you considerably more on your monthly heating bill if you have a medium efficiency furnace. A high efficency furnace turns 90% to 97% of the gas burnt,into heat for the home.A medium efficiency furnace converts only up to 78% to 85% of the gas into heat. That difference of 12% means that you will use that much more gas every month and your bill will be that much higher.

The price of natural gas is likely to go up in future years so the saving will be even bigger as the price rises. Obviously it will not take long to pay ythe extra cost of the high efficiency furnace. After it is paid for the savings are all straight into your bank account and will amount to thousands of dollars over the course of the years.

The logical decision is to pay a bit more for a high efficiency furnace now and reap the savings rewards in the future.\

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