Monday, August 8, 2011

Goodman High Efficiency Gas Furnaces


Goodman is one of the best known names in the gas furnace manufacturing business. The Goodman high efficiency gas furnace is a quality unit which has proven itself over the years.

The Goodman gas furnace has two stage heating, and is equipped with a variable speed circulating blower  which is very efficient and  ensures economical heating for your house. This blower operates continuously to deliver even heating throughout the home. The continuous flow of warm air cuts down on temperature swings and stratification of heat from  the ceiling to floor. While standard  furnaces operate either in a full  on speed or  completely off mode the Goodman high efficiency furnace runs continuously at low heat range for 90% of the time. In colder weather it automatically runs at a higher heat range to keep the temperature even.

The Goodman variable speed blower will keep the temperature even throughout your whole house.  It also has a very efficient electric motor which greatly cuts down on running noise. Some people find the noise made by standard  electric furnace motors to be quite annoying. This low noise level is an important feature of the Goodman high efficiency gas furnace. The variable speed circulating blower which runs at low range for 90% of  operating the time ensures that there is much less noise from the furnace.
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  1. Thanks for the great information. My furnace just went out and we definitely don't want to be doing this again. I think the goodman gas furnace would be a great replacement. It sounds like it would be really reliable.