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The Anatomy Of A High Efficiency Furnace


High efficiency gas furnaces are very popular for use in areas of long winters and colder climate. They do cost more than mid efficiency units but the greater saving in fuel costs will fairly quickly pay for the extra cost. In areas of warmenr climate and shorter winters the payout will take longer and the higherpurchase cost may not be justified. The other factor to be considered of course is that high efficiency furnaces vent much less pollution into the environment. If you are concerned about this the extra cost may be worthwhile to you.What are the main high efficiency furnaces
features that make it more costly? The following expanation is quoted from

In the tutorial Gas Furnace Types and Efficiency Ratings I describe the two main types of gas furnaces in the home, the conventional furnace and the newer high efficiency condensing furnace. The technologies used in these furnaces directly impact their AFUE efficiency rating. Only condensing furnace technology achieves the highest efficiency ratings of over 90% AFUE, with some furnaces reaching over 98% AFUE.
AFUE is an acronym for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency and is the metric used to measure furnace efficiency. It is simply a ratio between the amount of fuel converted to heat and the amount of fuel which enters the furnace. The higher the AFUE the more efficient the furnace.

The condensing furnace is so efficient and extracts so much heat from the combustion process that its exhaust vent / flue is just warm to the touch, not “burn your fingers hot” like a conventional furnace.

So what makes the conventional furnace and condensing furnace so different, and how does the condensing furnace work? Well, that’s what I’ll explain in this tutorial called Anatomy of a High Efficiency Condensing Furnace. In this tutorial you’ll learn the following about a condensing furnace and its components:
How a Condensing Furnace is Different
Overview of how a condensing furnace works
Air Recycling / Fresh Air Intake
Cold air return
Heat recovery ventilator (optional accessory)
Air filter
Electric blower motor
Blower compartment
Fuel Combustion
Gas burner
Electronic ignition
Combustion chamber
Combustion air intake
Heat Extraction
Primary heat exchanger
Secondary condensing heat exchanger
Condensate drain line
Combustion Exhaust
Draft inducing fan
Plastic flue gas vent
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When your old furnace has reached the stage where it must be replaced you have a decision to make. You can install either a mid efficiency furnace(where this is legal) or you can pay more for a high efficiency furnace. There is no doubt that your fuel bills will be less with the high efficiency unit. The above discussion shows you what is entailed in a high efficiency furnace which may help with your decision.
We feel that the lesser fuel costs combined with the lower atmospheric pollution level definitely justifies the higher cost. However this is a decision for the individual consumer to make.
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