Saturday, December 3, 2011

Is Your Gas Furnace Safe?

Natural gas is one of the commonly used home heating fuels at present. It is relatively low in cost, and safe in usage. There are however possible problems which can occur and the best way to avoid them is to properly maintain the heating system as is detailed in this report quoted from CSA International:

Gas Furnace Maintenance
    -   Keep warm air registers, return air openings, and space heaters or
        baseboards clear of furniture, rugs and drapes to allow free air
    -   Do not store combustible materials such as paper, chemicals, paint,
        rags and cleaning products near your gas furnace.
    -   Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapours and liquids
        in the vicinity of your gas furnace.
    -   Ensure that there is a free flow of air to the furnace. Keep the area
        immediately around your furnace clear by removing any obstructions.
    -   Clean or replace your furnace filter frequently during the heating
    -   Have a qualified heating contractor perform a yearly maintenance
        check of your furnace and venting system.
    -   Any home that contains combustion appliances such as a gas furnace
        should have a CSA-certified carbon monoxide alarm installed according
        to the manufacturer's instructions. If you intend to purchase a new
        carbon monoxide alarm, be sure to look for one bearing the CSA
        Certification Flame mark and CSA 6.19-01 reference mark.

The above material is quoted from the  CSA International website - a recognised authority on the subject. CSA International provides product testing and certification for gas, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and other product,s which is recognized in Canada, U.S.A. and most other countries.

Gas furnace maintenance is crucial to efficient operation as well as to safety. It is largely a matter of common sense and should not be neglected or problems may arise. It is always wise to be very cautious if the smell of natural gas occurs in the home or if the CO2 detector sounds an alarm. Get out of the house and inform authorities immediately. For more information go to gas furnace prices or to high efficiency furnaces


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